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12:50 pm: where i live
I've complained a few times to different people (mostly because I'm good at complaining) about not having a truck at the moment and being stuck at home. The town I live in has about 6-8K people. We have a pizza place, a laundromat, a convenince store, volunterr fire dept, elementary school, share a police station with a sister town, a couple of restaurants (I use that word loosely), a gas station, 3 churches, 2 banks, a library (my living room is bigger and has less romance novels) and a post office. I think that about covers it for amenities. The ones that are within walking distance are the library, one "restaurant", and the convenince store.
But to make up for all the isolation, its very pretty
hot air balloons have landed in the fields around us, here is a view from my patio of a balloon that landed in an ajoining field.

This is a view of my back yard from a neighbors house - my house is the white one with the little gardens and small blue pool, unfortunately the giant pool is not mine.

A view from my front door, I took it mostly because of the spider, I have a fascination with them

This was taken during a walk in the fields near my house, the yellow are crops of giant sunflowers.


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Date:December 6th, 2003 10:22 am (UTC)


wow it is so beautiful! i love the pics. did you get snow today? i also think the spider rawks!
Date:December 6th, 2003 01:26 pm (UTC)

Re: cool!

We're getting snow right now. It started this morning and they are saying it will last until tomorrow morning. We went shopping eariler and got much of our xmas shopping done. Moira's got her hot chocolate and we have our coffee. All we need is a fire in the fireplace and we'll be all set. I hope you guys didn't end up being too snowed in.
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