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04:20 pm: coon skin caps
haha - heard enough? or nothing at all? go here

Many people sympathise with Annie and just want her to get some credit. While others don't seem to get why its a seemingly important matter to some. My husband doesn't do anything with desinging but he understands how it can feel important when something is so similar to yours is published or someone is wrongly profiting off of your idea, pattern, design. It smarts. And you are the one left behind feeling crappy about something you may have been proud of in the past. Or something that you were profiting from yourself and because of this new person, you are losing business.

So these people that don't get, do they simply not care or are they trying to see how much they can get away with. One or 2 of the comments led me to believe that someone may be just as happy and proud of themselves to use an idea of someones for their own gain. I suppose that's capitalism. Not saying its right, but that's the way things seem to be these days *sigh*

Now - for a super happy note.
I got my scarf in from my KR buddy and new journaler purlewe
Its so pretty. and an Ani Difranco CD that I didnt have. :D I'm so excited. I almost want to go play in the snow just so i can wear my scarf. I took a quick pic even though I look crazy and you can't see how pretty the scarf is. Eventually I'll post a better one.

this is also what I look like without makeup ,with bedhead, and zits --- why am I getting so many zits lately????


Date:December 13th, 2003 07:16 am (UTC)
Thank you.
Thank you for the pattern. I didn't take the scarf off at all last night (its fashionable to wear scarves 24/7 right?) The more I wear it the more I think I need to buy a bunch of this yarn and make myself a sweater.

I will write out the pattern for you, I'll try to get it done this week, or maybe I'll hold the pattern hostage waiting for a photo :)
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