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05:35 pm: Punishment for boredom
I was procrastinating and feeling bored, trying to destress and settle in before I did all the things I had to do for the night. So in my procrastination boredom I was reading stuff on LJ and reading peoples journals (I hadn't done that in a while)And right out in plain view was the end to ROTK. what the hell. no warning nothing. If I was on that person's friends list I would've been pissed. I'm still gonna see the movie and forget what I now know. Dammit - I should know better than to procrastinate. In fact I'm gong back to work now before something else happens.


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Date:December 19th, 2003 06:37 am (UTC)
oh that sucks! it should be a requirement that people put anything remotely spoiler-ish behind a cut tag at the very least. i remember when HP5 came out there were these icons going around that were, in essence, spoilers (although you wouldn't really know it unless you'd read the book already, but all the same) and people got really pissed.

it's just polite!

but go see the movie anyway.
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