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November 30th, 2003

09:00 am: socks
I decided to continue that sock in the patons blue turned the heel got another 2 inches done on the foot and finally decided I hated it and I couldn't stand giving that as a gift. a frogging we will go, hi-ho-the derry-o, a frogging we will go. Yeah and I feel like I've jumped off the deep end, its not just how I sound. I have more projects on the needle and more projects to write about but I just now (yes just this moment) got struck with a huge hit of creativity and I must leave quickly before I lose it.

November 26th, 2003

06:46 pm: finished project
woo! one project down 2 million to go. Ok so I'm exagerating. Actually I finished 2 projects. I got another pair of socks done and I was knitting and fulling/felting a hat for my KR secret santa. Its beautiful and I will take pics and post them as soon as she gets it. I'm very happy with it. As I wrote the pattern I only had to rewrite it once and only frog a little bit. I'm not sure i would change anything. I used Bartlett yarns, a Maine based company. I love buying locally and their yarn is nice. Vibrant colors perfect for fulling. I mean the yarn is nice and would make a good wool sweater or jacket too, I just like softer yarns if I am going to make an item of clothing that isn't going to be fulled. I bought enough when I went to my LYS that I am going to make myself a back pack. As soon as I work out the pattern I'll post that too.
I think I've changed my mind about the socks for my dad. The pattern will be the same but I really hate the feel of the patons decor. I think since he really likes the color and all I'm just going to use a white woolease for the MC and the patons blue heather for the design. I'll go frog the ribbing now.

November 25th, 2003

11:24 pm: dad's socks
I'm going to use some Paton's Decor (I hate the stuff but he loves it) in blue and I'm going to use some anonymous yarn in white for a pattern. I just haven't dug through my stash to find the second color, all I know is that he likes this blue stuff.

The pattern is roughly based on a traditional fair isle star. I couldn't remember what it looked like (duh, I need to sleep) so I looked it up and here's a link to a pattern http://www.ashford.co.nz/Fairislestar2.htm I'm just using the individual star and nothing else. My version is a 16 st repeat (3 stars) taking up 15 rows.

mc=blue, cc=white/offwhite
Size 5 dpns

co48 sts MC

2x2 rib for about 2 inches (12 rows)
2 rows knit still MC
1 row CC
2 row MC
Do pattern.
2 rows MC
1 row CC
knit until total piece measures 7 inches (at least that's the measurement I am thinking of at the moment it may end up being 6 or even 8)
Make a double knit short row heel (alternate every other st MC and CC)
the rest of the foot will be plain MC knit
I think I will need about 35-40 rows for dad's foot(I'll check tomorrow)
start decreasing for the toe
do 4 rows and then add in nylon thread to reinforce it and continue with yarn and thread until the toe is complete (total of 20 sts) use the kitchner st to finish.

November 23rd, 2003

02:22 pm: oh man - I'm seriously sick with the flu or something so all I've been doing is sitting here and knitting and chatting on the computer a bit yesterday with a beautiful chick that makes me smile :) But mostly knitting socks since I can do that half asleep and I dont really need to pay attention. I would have talked (typed) longer but I just couldn't handle staring at the computer feeling like poo. I can close my eyes and still knit so long as its simple and I have done a lot of ribbing.

I've got 3 pairs of socks going right now, one pair I will use a pattern I mentioned before but with a coloration twist and here are the other patterns I'm using:

Twinkletoes sock yarn (fingering weight) size 1 needles
co 56
1x1 rib for 2 inches
then I'm using a manly pattern that I think is called arrowhead (found it free on the web) its in multiples of 8 and a 4 row repeat
r1 - knit
r2 - P3, WYIF sl5 (with yarn held in front, slip 5 sts)
r3 - knit
r4 - P3, K2, K1 picking up the yarn that was left in front, K2

This is continued until sock measures 6 inches and its continued down the top of the foot. I haven't decided if I'm doing a band heel or short row so I'll post a complete pattern when Ive finished one sock at least

The other pattern
Woolease size 5 needles
co 40 sts
2x2 rib for 5 inches (jay wants his to be 8 inches tall for boots)
then do a short row heel - link to how to do a short row heel

after the heel is complete I just did plain ole knit until the sock was long enough and shaped the toe down to 16 sts and grafted them with the kitchner stitch. I finished the first one of these and have started the other. Pics will come when i feel better.

November 22nd, 2003

02:22 pm: projects

Sonnet that I had to put away to work on xmas presents, the latest socks also shown below I like the heel on those. The brown woolease bed sock I'm working on (which looks similar in color to my twinkletoe yarn to the left of it). 2 other yarns that I need to choose which one to do next; blue or brown (decisions decisions). 4 mini hanks (4 oz) each of wool that I test dyed with koolaid. colors used left to right 1.grape,lemon-lime,orange 2.orange,lemonaid,cherry 3.strawberry, blk cherry 4.strawberry,grape,orange and I know i used lemon-lime somewhere on it too. The flash really washed out some of the colors but without it they were just too dark and ucky. I'm also working on that shawl, another pair of socks that I'm hoping come out like stained glass looking. I also need to still finish Nessa's cardigan, I dont know why I'm dragging my feet on finishing this, eh, so long as its done by xmas.

November 17th, 2003

07:01 am: Nessa's secret sweater is almost done. Just one sleeve to go, she is going to be so irresistably cute and fluffy in this cardigan

Finished a pair of socks on Friday for mom and wore them saturday night. I washed them and have them on again (those green and brown ones in the pic below). My excuse? She likes blue better than green, she'd already seen them, the heels aren't as she would actually like them to be. So I started on another pair for her yesterday afternoon. They are the bluey ones with the lime striped heels in the pic. That's the first sock - I hope I can finish the first one today. The other yarn in the pic is the yarn i had specifically bought for my mom. She likes all the sock yarn I've gotten so far, even the brown twinkletoes I just got in and I've never seen her with brown socks. So I'm making the bluey ones for her as they are quick and I'm going to try and make a lacey pair - we'll see if I get them finished in time and If I can keep my feet out of the bluey ones.

I've still been workign on that damn shawl. Its beautiful but I realize that i need to give it my full attention because I keep not counting the lacy stitches as I do them and I have to go back and frog, grrrrr. So since I rarely can give my full attention to knitting it will be slow going on that one. I've toyed with the idea of doing the rest in garter stitch. I'm trying to tell myself "hey, it will be warmer right?". Just not as pretty

I've got half of my green merino spun. I didn't realize that it must hae beenf rom 2 dye lots as half is tealy and the other half is darker. ahh well, I'll throw in some brown natural wool and we'll make a patchworky kind of yarn.

Yarns that I've got in over the week: All that Lion Homespun, I was going to make mom a sweater and a lap robe for Jay's mom next xmas. My Noro came in #80 its beautiful but I think the pattern I've come up with in my little mind will need about 5 more skeins. I got my brown and green twinkletoes form lotusblossom on ebay. Very pretty yarn. I got my roving from New Zealand, I can't wait to spin it all up.

Yarns I'm waiting for: 2 sk mohair from ebay (getting worried about these, they are kinda late coming) I was going to use these in a pair of fuzzy feet so they were extra soft but now I'm worried they will never get here, More roving - superwash for socks, some olive boucle for a cardigan for me - I may get some more depending on how it looks, Some books with lacey sock patterns (I didn't like the patterns in the books I have now - Can't have too many books), From Elann's sales I have a whole bunch of nylon threading for sock toes and some black mohair for a scarf. I think that's all - yipes. I need to get to knitting and quit shopping.

November 13th, 2003

06:17 am: sock pattern
size 4 needles
sock yarn that calls for that size needle
k=knit, p=purl, p2tog=purl 2 sts together, k2tog=knit 2 sts together, skp=slip stitch from lhn to rhn knit the next stitch then pass the slipped stitch over and off the rhn

co52 sts
work 2x2 rib for 6 rows
k the rest (total of 5 inches

{{variation: 2x2 rib for 5 inches}}

divide onto 2 needles 26 sts each (make sure one of them has at the end the tail of yarn to use for the heel - this will be your heel piece).
alternate k and p (making stockinette) and slipping the first stitch of every row.
make 14 or 15 rows ending in k row.
{{variation - for a comfy thick heel: alternate from 2 skeins of yarn (2 differnet colors or 2 of the same color) so basically you are making a small checkerboard pattern of k1mc,k1cc over and over. it makes a thick heel - I often do it on the heel shaping as well}}

p14 p2tog p1 turn
k3 skp k1
*next row p to within 1 of the space formed by the last turn and p2tog (the stitch just before and just after the jump) then p1 and turn.
next row k to within 1 of the space formed by the last turn and skp (the stitch just before and just after the jump) then k1 and turn.*
continue *to* until you have got all the sts onto one needle. ending in a knit row (14 sts).

pick up 12 sts and knit them up to the top
knit accross the top
pick up 12 sts and knit them down the bottom and knit over to the middle of the heel. Leave the 26 top sts on a needle by themselves - divide the others in half onto 2 needles.
next row k over all
*next row k within 3 of the top 26sts - k2tog k1, k across top 26 sts, k1 skp and k to finish off row to middle of heel, next row k all*
continue *to* until the needles are carrying a total of 52 sts - that would be 26 on the top one and 13 on each of the other 2.

Instep - k in the round.
You can try it on periodically and you want to knit to the base of your big toe.

(here is where you would add the nylon thread/yarn for strength)
I usually divide my sts onto 2 needles 26 top and 26 down (its just easier for me but you can divide again into 13, 13 and 26 - you just need to know where the decreases are going to happen and you want that to be on the sides of your foot so make sure its going where you want it)
*next row k to within 3 of side of foot k2tog k1 -next needle- k1 skp, knit across needle to within 3 of the other side of foot k2tog k1 -next neede-k1skp knit to finish row
next row k*
continue *to* until there are a total of 28 sts

Use the kitchner st to close the toe.

That is one sock down - 1 to go.

picture coming

November 10th, 2003

12:32 pm: yarn trip
Just back from Halcyon.
2 balls of sock yarn for Jay with number 2 bamboos
3 hanks of Bartlett wool to make a special hat and possibly a new tote bag for me.
another set of bamboo needles in size 6
and the tiny clover sock needles in 4,6,8, and 10. I already had the 4's but I wanted another set so that I could work on an entire pair of socks at one time. Maybe I should get a 2nd pair of 6's for the same reason.
I wanted to look around more but Moira was a little antsy and really misbehaving. I was absolutely rushed. Ah well. I've been having a rough Monday, you'd think that a bunch of new yarn would make it all better. It would help but as soon as Moira falls asleep I need to rake the lawn. Hopefully later this afternoon I'll be able to play with my yarn.

November 9th, 2003

10:40 am: spinning help, shopping list and anitas shawl
At my craft show yesterday I get into talking knitting with a woman that I do a couple of shows with and find out that she has 3 spinning wheels (obviously makes her own yarn) and that she blongs to a group of woman that get together ever Tuesday to spin and knit. :D and I'm invited. She says I should go so that I can check out all the different wheels and here's the best part - they are going to teach me to spin yarn! I'm so giggly excited you have no idea. My husband thought I was a little nuts at how excited I was but I feel justified in my excitement. I was hoping to be able to spin soon and this is just the help I was hoping for. Ive been wanting to work with a group of women and I really think that by working witha group that I can get to learn more interesting things than just by going to classes. I may still need to take classes - we'll see. So I just bought some super wash wool roving so my first real project can be making yarn for Jays socks.

And I've been workig on Anita's shawl almost exclusively. People that know the book Folk Shawls think the picture in the book that corresponds to the pattern I'm doing is awful - I didn't like it but Jay picked it out. The shawl is beautiful, it looks so much prettier in real life. The boy has a natural ability I think (but no desire to knit). I'm wondering if when they took the shawl pic for the book if they photographed the wrong side, the back isn't so pretty and actually looks similar to the one in the book, but the front is so pretty - scroll to see it.

I plan on starting a couple new projects tomorrow after I go to Halcyon. I need needles to complete Nessa's sweater (the arms) and I would like a 60" circular to finish this shawl. I need yarn for some hat designs that have been running around in my head (Bartlet wool in black, purple, lime and maybe orange). I think I'm going to make my mom some felted slippers for xmas ( I might have the yarn for that already but I plan to look). Its getting closer and closer and I have nothing done for gifts. Ahh well, no more shows and no more truck bills (sold it) so I dont need to work as hard at trying to make things that will make me money, I just need to not spend money on yarn. On that note I also just bought some Noro Kureyon in color 80 (it was a deal I couldnt pass up). There was a tv program on this weekend and I dont remember what it was (I wasn't paying attention) but I noticed this poncho sweater thing one girl was wearing. That is what I plan to make with my Noro. The way it looked was like it was a stole about 2 feet wide and it was wrapped and attached. so that is what I am going for with that one. It will be for me so I guess I wont start it until after xmas if I can help myself. I still need to finish sonnet for myself. I am just itching to go that. I am showing amazing restraint at not picking that up and making it for myself.

October 29th, 2003

11:04 am: sonnet, shawl, dad's hat, Vanessa sweater, hat pics
Sonnet - I finished the body and its all put together and all ready to go - just waiting for the sleeves. I set it aside. I put it in a bag and hung it downstairs in my stash closet - if I see it I will need to work on it. I want it done, I tried it on and it fits so good so far. I need to work on Xmas presents. Maybe if I finish the presents early I can finish that for me.

Shawl - I'm dying to get started on Anita's shawl - feather and fan in a mohair blue blend. I hate blue but I thnk she will really like it. I plan to get that started later tonight

Dad's hat - I chose to do a simple watch cap. 7 of the 9 inches of ribbing are done - I get so bored so easy. I'll finish that at least by next weekend so I can give it to him for his birthday on the 10th.

Vanessa's sweater is soooo cute and fluffy pretty. I can't wait to share pics.

Hats I did last week for ebay.

I have my last 2 shows of the season next week - so that will probably slow me down - or maybe not - I did the whole back of Moira's sweater at the last show I did. I can't believe it was that slow. I figured Anita's shawl would be easy to drag along so that's why I want to get it on my needles. the 2 shows are one day each November 5th and 8th. I hope they are so busy that I wont have time to knit but anything is possible.

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