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amy knits

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11:19 am: mary jane slipper
someone posted a slipper and asked for a pattern in one of the knitting communities. I am knitting gifts today but it kept bothering me. This adorable slipper that just needed a pattern. oh a pattern was posted but I wanted my own. So that I didn;t feel guilty I made one for my girlie.


These are kid size, in the parenthesis are what I am guessing are for an adult, if anyof you try this let me know if its acurate.
US 7 needles worsted weight yarn
co 16(24) sts
2x2 Rib for 11(17)rows
Slip the first st of each new row
knit, purl for 3 rows ending with a purl row.

Turning the heel:
next row Sl1, K8(12), SKP, K1, turn
next row Sl1, P3, P2tog, P1 turn
from then on knit or purl to the gap that was previously made by the decrease. on the knit rows when you get tothe st just before the gap slip that one, knit, pass over, k1 - on the purl rows Purl together the stitch just before the gap and the stitch just after, then P1. Continue until all sts are on knit/purl onto one needle. Finish with a purl row

Pick up 8(12) sts up the side of the heel, turn
purl back down and across then pick up 8(12) sts up the other side of the heel.
Knit/purl for 3(5) rows, end in knit row

you need to co sts for the strap (I made my strap too big in the pick but I have compensated for it in the directions) CO 4(8) sts for the strap and continue to knit in the round for 4 rows. knit up to within 2 sts of the strap sts. Loosely BO those 2 sts the 4(8) strap sts and the next 2 sts. so you've bound off 8(12)sts.
Knit/Purl the remaining sts to with .5(1) inch of the base of the toe. If you slip the first stitch at the begining of each new row then your edges will be neater looking.

Here you're going to create the toe and will be knitting in the round again. so knit up the side and CO 6(10)sts so that you will have a total of 28(?)sts. Knit in the round until you get to the base of the toe and will need to start your toe decreases. At the side of the toes (the way I do it is I keep the top 14(?) sts on one needle and evenly divide the bottom sts onto 2 needles to work in the round) on needle 1 (bottom of foot) within 3 sts of the side k2tog,k1, needle 2 K1,SKP,knit across to within 3 of the end of needle K2tog, K1, needle 3 K1, SKP knit to middle of heel, Knit next row and ever other row here after. COntinue alternating your decrease and knit rows alternately until you have decreased to 10(14) sts.

Close the toe using the kitchner stitch or as I did, puling the yarn through and cinching it up tightly to make a roundy toe.

**this pattern is my property and I'm sharing so you may use it for personal, non-commercial use only. copyright AmyKing 2003**

OK - so I know I have some typos and I didn't finish my calculations. But its a start and I will edit it later when I have time. When the do the second slipper correctly and an adult one I'll post a pic and edit it all.

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